Football: South Carolina State vs. Georgia Tech

The first game I shot on Saturday was Georgia Tech’s opener against South Carolina State.  No shock that Tech steamrolled State to the tune of 31 points, but it definitely didn’t feel like they won by that much.  The first half was particularly close and even though State only had 3 points, it felt like they were driving the ball really well.

Unfortunately, I have to miss the next home game which is against N.C. State since I’ll be out of town, but I’ll be shooting the rest of the home games this year for The Macon Telegraph and US Presswire.


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  1. Jerry Pillarelli Avatar

    Josh, Take a look at this…I don’t think we could’ve gotten any closer to snapping a shot at the same time if we would’ve tried:


  2. Jenny Malkiel Avatar
    Jenny Malkiel

    Love these! They’re amazing :)