Football: Roswell vs. Peachtree Ridge (HS)

Second high school game was in the books Friday night.  This one was between Peachtree Ridge and Roswell High School.  The two faced off in the state championships a few years ago and due to some crappy rules, tied.  Then a year or two later apparently Roswell was awarded a phantom touchdown that let them advance to the next round of the playoffs.  To say there is some bad blood between the schools is probably an understatement.  Peachtree Ridge held out this time after a really close game and secured their first win over Roswell.


2 responses to “Football: Roswell vs. Peachtree Ridge (HS)”

  1. Terre Avatar

    #28 D Dubb and the Dream Team looking Good!

  2. Juan Garcia Avatar
    Juan Garcia

    Man, if only Peachtree Ridge went to the dome this year, we would have beaten state, but gave up.

    Hope 2011 will be better.