Football: South Gwinnett vs. Parkview (High School)

Last Friday the AJC sent me out to shoot the South Gwinnett vs. Parkview high school game, which also happened to be Parkview’s homecoming.  South Gwinnett dominated the game and came away with the win.  The game wasn’t particularly notable for that though.  One of the photojournalism students from UGA I knew wanted to come shoot a game with me since her assignment for the week was sports.  Melissa, a junior in the program, came down not having shot a game since she was in high school so I tried to advise her as much as I could.  At halftime I even switched lenses with her and used the 300mm f/4 she brought down while she used my 400mm f/2.8.  I did this for two reasons, 1) the extra reach and compression provided by a lens like that, and 2) high school fields are poorly lit and I wanted to help her get an extra stop of light to freeze the action better.