Eddie Adams Workshop: Friday

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t yet, I recommend you check out the portraits I shot if you want to see the people I reference in this post.

Friday morning I woke up around 7:00 from Brian’s and made my way through the subway to Chelsea where the B&H store is located.  I got there a little early and was able to put my bags down and ran to a nearby deli to get some breakfast.  The biggest disappointment of the entire trip was that the deli was out of lox when I ordered my bagel.  I was astounded that this was even possible.

Anyways, bagel and cream cheese in hand, I walked back to B&H where we had about an hour of speakers before we were allowed to wonder the store.  It was around this time that I met Austin Andrews of Vancouver who turned out to be a fellow Pink team member.  We ran and got him some breakfast before heading back to the store and ultimately moving outside to wait on the bus.  Around this time I met Beck Diefenbach out of Chicago, well formerly Chicago since he’d just quit his job there.  Beck was another Pink teamer so the three of us bonded and eventually loaded up the bus.

On the way up to Liberty Beck, Austin and I all sat in the same area and behind Beck and Austin were Allie Garza of Naples, Fl., and Sarah Miller from Flint, Mich.  Behind them were James Hill of Australia and Caleb Miller from Austin, Texas.  The ride went really quick, we filled out some paper work on the bus ride but mostly talked.

Upon arriving at the hotel and checking in, we were given a lot of unexpected swag.  Some of which included: a 4gb SanDisk memory card, a Manfrotto monopod, a book by the ASMP, an EAW t-shirt and hoodie and some magazines.  It was a pleasant surprise that definitely made me feel welcome.  After dropping everything off in my room we took the buses over to the farm where we met our team leaders and team, had dinner and heard from a few speakers.

By the end of the night, I was pretty exhausted but we had one more team meeting when we got back to the hotel.