New York City: Wednesday

Wednesday was a busy day as well.  I slept in a little since it was the first time in about a week I wasn’t in a rush to get somewhere and proceeded to edit photos for about two or three hours at my friend Kevin’s apartment.  Afterwords I grabbed some lunch on my way to a meeting with the photo editors of The Wall Street Journal.  I figured while I was in town it would be a good chance to meet with the editors I’d previously only corresponded with via e-mail or the phone.

After that I met up with Sarah who was still in town and we walked up to Columbia to kill time before she had to catch her flight.  After that I traveled down to the Lower East Side where I met up with Lauren Chester.  We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and caught up before I went to meet up with Kevin who was gracious enough to put me up for a second night.