News: The Pink Pig @ Lenox Mall

My other assignment for the AJC last Saturday was to shoot the Pink Pig which was opening its doors for the season outside of Lenox Mall.  The Pink Pig has a storied history in Atlanta, starting off as a monorail type ride on top of the Rich’s building in Downtown Atlanta before being shut down and eventually located to the Georgia World Congress Center’s Festival of Tree’s event.  I then was held on display at the Atlanta History Center before being relocated to a tent outside of Lenox Mall as a train.

I remember riding the attraction when I was really little and it was the first time I’d seen the original Pink Pig in probably almost 20 years.


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  1. Austin Avatar

    Splendid photos. Which one did the paper run in the end? Even I know what “AJC” stands for and the closest I’ve ever been to your city is St Louis!