Football: Grayson vs. Brookwood

Here is another delayed high school football post.  This was from the Grayson vs. Brookwood game on October 29 at Brookwood High School in Snellville.  It was a rather low-scoring affair, actually it was 0-0 with only a minute or two until halftime.  Normally around 8:20 pm I make my way up to the pressbox in order to make sure I file my photos in time, since I have a 9 pm deadline.  Brookwood was driving though and I felt like I didn’t have much so I compromised.  I walked halfway up the stands towards the pressbox and followed the game from the landing area.  The Broncos moved into the red-zone so I planted myself in the area that was parallel to the end-zone waiting for a pass.  I lucked out and a pass came flaying down the middle of the field.  Luckier than that, the receiver was facing me as he dove for the ball.  He missed the catch, but it made a great photo.