News: Roy Barnes votes (AP)

Last week I shot an election day assignment for the Associated Press.  They had me go out and cover former Governor and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes as he voted at Marietta Middle School in Cobb County.  Like most politicians, he brought his family along to vote which does actually make for more interesting photos.  While he was voting, one of his granddaughters asked why her name wasn’t on the ballot and he stopped looked up and laughed to tell us what she’d just said.


2 responses to “News: Roy Barnes votes (AP)”

  1. Hassan Arshad Avatar

    Great photos Josh. I bet it must have been interesting to shoot that assignment.

  2. marie barnes Avatar
    marie barnes

    i loved the pictures. i would like to buy some if you would send me some prices. with proofs to choose from.
    thanks marie barnes