Skateboarding: Duncan Park

Here is the second batch of photos from my photo column about skateparks in metro-Atlanta.  These were taken at Duncan Park in Buford/Dacula/Hoschton area back at the end of December while Elizabeth Wilson and Melissa Harward (UGA PJ students I’m friends with) were in town.  They wanted to go shooting so I took them to the park with me.  Light was pretty dark, so I had to amp the ISO on my camera up and as a result the color didn’t look so great so I decided to strip it out since it wasn’t adding anything anyway.

Melissa and Elizabeth both thought it was really funny that was I getting so close to the skaters as they did their tricks.  I explained to them that when I shoot skateboarders and BMX’rs, I usually watch for a bit first to figure out who actually knows what they are doing.  If I can tell they are good enough to not hit me 99 times out of 100, I’m willing to risk it to get up close and get better shots.  There’s a reason most skating photos are shot with fish eye lenses, it just looks better and you have to be really close to get that look.

101030_JDW_DuncanCreek_0001 101030_JDW_DuncanCreek_0007

101030_JDW_DuncanCreek_0002 101030_JDW_DuncanCreek_0019





101030_JDW_DuncanCreek_0013 101030_JDW_DuncanCreek_0014







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