Skateboarding: Duncan Park

Here is the second batch of photos from my photo column about skateparks in metro-Atlanta.  These were taken at Duncan Park in Buford/Dacula/Hoschton area back at the end of December while Elizabeth Wilson and Melissa Harward (UGA PJ students I’m friends with) were in town.  They wanted to go shooting so I took them to the park with me.  Light was pretty dark, so I had to amp the ISO on my camera up and as a result the color didn’t look so great so I decided to strip it out since it wasn’t adding anything anyway.

Melissa and Elizabeth both thought it was really funny that was I getting so close to the skaters as they did their tricks.  I explained to them that when I shoot skateboarders and BMX’rs, I usually watch for a bit first to figure out who actually knows what they are doing.  If I can tell they are good enough to not hit me 99 times out of 100, I’m willing to risk it to get up close and get better shots.  There’s a reason most skating photos are shot with fish eye lenses, it just looks better and you have to be really close to get that look.


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  1. carson Avatar

    can u put all the photos

  2. carson Avatar

    can u put mor pics

  3. Colin Smith Avatar


    That composite is AWESOME! How did you make the composite? Multiple exposure or compiled layers in Photoshop?

    1. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

      Composite in Photoshop