News: Wes Durham and Tony Barnhart’s radioshow

On Monday the AJC sent me out to shoot photos of Tony Barnhart and Wes Durham, who started a new college football radio show earlier this year.  The show, which is broadcast from the 790 The Zone studio in Buckhead, runs daily from around 10 am to 1 pm (I believe).  The two have gotten some pretty big names in college football to come on already.

The biggest challenge of shooting something like this is that I didn’t want the clicking of my shutter to a) be a distraction and b) get picked up by the microphones.  It was also hard to figure out an angle where you could see the majority of each of their faces given how cluttered the table they were sitting at was and how small the room was.  Eventually I just decided to get up higher and stood on a chair which removed some of the clutter and let me frame their faces around the microphones.



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  1. Nancy McGuire Avatar
    Nancy McGuire

    Your comment on the show today (9/19) about the Vandy coach being the first coach to go 3 and 0 in his first year was incorrect. See the following (last sentence):
    For Terry Bowden, the next step was inevitable. It came on Dec. 17, 1992 when he was named
    head coach at Auburn. Auburn president Dr. William V. Muse called Bowden the perfect choice
    to lead Auburn Football into the 21st Century. Terry Bowden’s first bio as head football coach at
    Auburn began: “At 36, Terry Bowden, one of the youngest coaches in Division I-A football, is
    poised on the threshold of greatness…”

    No one knew how close greatness was. Yet, five months after that first bio was written, Terry
    Bowden had accomplished a feat that no other Division IA coach had ever accomplished. He had
    gone undefeated and untied in his first year as a Division IA head coach, a perfect 11-0.