Snow @ Piedmont Park

Before work today I went over to Piedmont Park to see if anyone was playing in the snow for “Snowpocalypse 2011.”  Thankfully there were, actually there were a lot of people there.


14 responses to “Snow @ Piedmont Park”

  1. j Avatar

    Thank you. My first park. My kids’ ‘grand’park.

  2. michele Avatar

    These photos are super!

  3. Elizabeth Dulemba Avatar

    Gads these are fabulous!! :) e

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  5. Robert Sisson Avatar

    It’s good to see so many people enjoying ths snow.

  6. John Baird Avatar
    John Baird

    Fantastic shots. What kind of camera/lens/filter/settings did you use. I was ther the same morning and all mine came out grey and flat.

    1. Josh D. Weiss Avatar


      Cameras expose for 18% grey, so if it see’s white as the dominant color, it tries to make it 18% grey. As a result, when shooting snow you have to over expose all your shots.


      1. Marcus Avatar

        I learned something today!

  7. Lisa Bennett Avatar

    Wow – these are gorgeous! I’m posting a link on FB. Thanks! (Got here via Scoutmob.)

  8. Brion F Avatar

    Killer photos Josh!

    Snowboarders should join my new Facebook group!
    called [Atlanta Snowboarding crew]
    to join the road trip!

    I am so mad I left my snowboard at my parents house in the north for the month of January


  9. Lisa Avatar

    Great pictures!!!

  10. Susan Avatar

    Awesome awesome awesome photos! I really hoped to find some great pics from Piedmont that day! I am the girl w the snowboard in the plaid pants!

    Good work my friend!

  11. Dave Avatar

    Why the hell was everyone making such a big deal about snow in Atlanta. It snows all the time. Snow this heavy doesn’t happen a lot but the get snow often.