Welcome to Tumblr

I started a Tumblr the other day after contemplating how I could use one, and differentiate it enough from this blog to make it worth doing.  Then I decided I’d use it to feature my on-location shots from when I’m doing shoots, cell phone photos and random shots from my new medium format film camera.

The Tumblr will operate as a supplement to this site since it is easy to update from my phone and this way I won’t bog down this site with photos that I don’t think fit the mold of what I want to put here.  The differentiation of the two components made me realize that I love digital for its technical perfection while I love film for its technical imperfections.

Anyway, feel free to check it out and give me your thoughts on it.

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One response to “Welcome to Tumblr”

  1. Sam E. Lawrence Avatar

    I actually really like the wood-grain of the table in this shot. Texture swoon.