News: Civil War Reconstructed

Two weeks ago I shot this assignment for the Wall Street Journal.  It was about a man named Garrett Silliman who is an archeologist and is logging/identifying Civil War battle sites in Cobb County.  Garrett took me out to a site he found and my job was to take photos of him using his equipment which really just consisted of a GPS device.

You can read the article here.


One response to “News: Civil War Reconstructed”

  1. Thomas Schmidt Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about writing a comment on this for some time now, but I have a bad habit to keep tabs opened and not finish my business with them…

    To your photos: I like the vibe of them, in general, and I’m sure they work well with the article in the context they’re meant for.
    I like the forth picture most, seeing how it gives a real sense of movement, of searching, and of navigating a difficult environment to find somehting he’s really searching for. It makes clear that this isn’t a holiday trip but rather work that calls for dedication. Lovely depth of field there, setting him nicely apart from everything around him, and giving a sense of “movement”, just as if the trees would be blurred out from panning.

    Good luck, and hopefully good fun with your future works :)