Lunacy Black Market

Last Friday night Elizabeth, Melissa, Daniel and I went to dinner at Lunacy Black Market downtown.  It’s owned by the same guy who used to own Loca de Luna and Eclipse de Luna, tapas restaurants with locations in Midtown, Buckhead and Dunwoody.  While the other restaurants have set menus and seem like traditional restaurants, Lunacy is a bit more understated, the menus are written on cardboard with black sharpie for instance.  Apparently the menu is set based on whatever the chef feels like making any given day and menus are created daily as a result.  It was an interesting experience and I’d probably go again.




One thought on “Lunacy Black Market

  1. was the food any good? what did you get? I haven’t even heard of this place. have you tried empire state south? been dying to try that one! it is owned by the same people that own 5&10 and The National here

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