Sports: NC State Diving

Sometimes I forget to just shoot for myself.  I’ll have clients and I know what photos they want, but they aren’t the photos I want.  The photos they want are easy.  For sports, its isolations of individual athletes that can be cut out easily.  They want things that I could shoot in 10 minutes and be on my way.  Since they are the client though, I have to make sure they get what they want. It’s boring though, it’s not challenging.  I want to be challenged.

That’s why yesterday when I shot some divers for N.C. State who were preparing for the ACC Swiming and Diving Championships I made sure to go to both sessions as the team prepared even though I had everything I needed after the first.  Even though I knew I was golden after the first hour session at 10 a.m., I decided to return anyway for the second session at 3:45 p.m. to get shots I wanted to make while I had the access.  I’m glad I did and I’m much happier with the results than had I not.

110216_JDW_NCStateDive_0165 110216_JDW_NCStateDive_0505

110216_JDW_NCStateDive_0627 110216_JDW_NCStateDive_0725

110216_JDW_NCStateDive_0764 110216_JDW_NCStateDive_0866

110216_JDW_NCStateDive_0949 110216_JDW_NCStateDive_1112