News: Sock Capitol

Two weeks ago, the day after I finished up at CNN, I was asked by the Wall Street Journal to shoot a story out in Fort Payne, Alabama.   The story was about how the town, the former “Sock Capitol of the World,” was know an economic disaster zone with unemployment just over 10%.  Most of the town’s mills were shut down over the past few years which has left many without jobs.

I was tasked with shooting EMI-G Hosiery along with getting some shots from around the town.  After a tour of the mill, Terry took me around the city to show me which mills had been shut down and told me about the situation the city found itself in.

You can read the article and see a few more photos here.


2 responses to “News: Sock Capitol”

  1. emily crawford misztal Avatar
    emily crawford misztal

    Our car once broke down in Fort Payne on a family road trip. Not a place I would ever want to spend too much time in again. Love the first image of the guy pulling thread.

  2. Penn Miniken Avatar

    For sure.. that first image is awesome.