SEC Cookoff with Vince Dooley and Pat Dye

Back in early December I shot some photos for LG of a cook-off they sponsored at the SEC Fan Fest at the Georgia World Congress Center.  The contest, between former UGA football coach Vince Dooley and former Auburn coach Pat Dye, was to determine who could make the best shrimp and grits.

The most memorable part of the experience wasn’t shooting the actual event, but from the brief conversation I had with Barbara Dooley, Vince’s wife.  Barbara is an interesting lady, to say the least.  A number of years ago, Vince told a story about how, at the 1980 Sugar Bowl, Barbara encountered a priest from Notre Dame before the game. She asked him if he’d prayed to God yet about the game, and the priest responded, “My God doesn’t have time for football.”  She quickly fired back, “Well that’s good, because mine does.”

Anyway, we were talking and she asked how long I had been a photographer. I told her a few years, and then she said, “Do you shoot nudity?”  I responded with a quick no before she fired back, “Well that’s a shame because I need someone to take some photos of me.”  I was shocked at first until I remembered the story I mentioned above, then we both started laughing because she was just messing with me.