News: Macon Day at the Georgia Capitol

Just before I left downtown on Thursday I got an e-mail from Woody Marshall at The Telegraph in Macon.  Apparently it was “Macon Day” at the Georgia Capitol in addition to everything else that was going on.  Every year the day is capped off by a “Taste of Macon” so he wanted to see if I could head over to the Georgia Train Depot, former home to the Old Georgia Railroad, to get photos of the event.

Since I had no other contractual obligations, I obliged and got these photos.  The hardest part about shooting a news story about Macon bigwigs is that I don’t live in Macon and don’t really know who any of the bigwigs are.  I ended up just looking for people who had name tags and it seemed to work out alright.

You can read the story here.