Portrait: Coley Harvey

Over the past two years I’ve head the opportunity to freelance for The Telegraph in Macon, primarily covering Georgia Tech football and basketball.  During that time I’ve worked pretty closely with Coley Harvey, the beat writer for the paper.  Tonight’s game was Georgia Tech’s last before closing down Alexander Memorial Coliseum and building the new McCamish Pavilion in its place.  Coley asked me to grab a quick shot of him in the old facility after the game, so here it is.

Coley is a great guy by the way.  He’s gone out of his way to help me on some of my weird ideas, such as mounting a camera on to the front of the Ramblin Wreck during football season.

As a side note, I’m heading to California for a week so some of my backlog will be backlogged even longer as I take the opportunity to post my photos from the trip throughout the week.  Thanks for checking in!