Wrestling: Vandal wins best of 7 against Phantom (Week 2)

Last night I checked back in with Vandal of Platinum Championship Wrestling, you can see my first shoot with him here.  Platinum was having their monthly show at The Masquerade and Vandal had his final best of 7 match with Phantom.  If he won, he got a chance to wrestle for the PCW title next month.  Lucky for him, he did.  I was also surprised because when he showed up for the event, his girlfriend was with him.  I was glad I got to meet her because as I move the story into his non-wrestling life I wanted to make sure I got that aspect in there as well.

As far as the crowd, I was curious how Wrestlemania being this weekend in Atlanta would play in to the turnout.  From what I can tell it didn’t affect it too much.  The guys told me that their monthly show at The Masquerade has a much higher turnout than their weekly shows at the Academy Theatre in Avondale Estates, and they were right.


5 responses to “Wrestling: Vandal wins best of 7 against Phantom (Week 2)”

  1. Jacqueline Avatar

    love it. and i HATE wrestling.

  2. Jenny Malkiel Avatar
    Jenny Malkiel

    these are awesome!! it’s why you should stay in atlanta…. :)

  3. Travis Avatar

    I love the way you’re shooting this: B&W and kinda grainy. Love the shadows too…it really works for this subject

  4. […] checked back in with Vandal of PCW again last night.  After winning his best of 7 series last month at the Masquerade, it was finally time for his title shot.  He was in a four way match […]

  5. Marcus Melvin Avatar
    Marcus Melvin

    Josh, great job on the stories following this young man! Also, great job Vandal!! Keep up the good work guys!