Six Flags over Georgia via cellphone

Yesterday was University of Georgia Night at Six Flags over Georgia.  I ended up going with some friends but wasn’t sure about the camera policy of the park so I opted not to bring it.  However, I still wanted to take some photos because Six Flags is one of things that’s always been on my list to shoot but never have been able to.  I decided to whip out my camera phone (a Samsung Focus) to see what I could make with it.

First, let me say that given the choice I’d much rather use my dSLR’s because of the amount of control it provides me in making frames.  Second, there were some things the camera-phone did well.  Color reproduction was pretty good and focus was pretty good as well.  However, timing shot was difficult since the shutter lag was always a huge factor when trying to get shots of the roller coaster trains in a specific spot.  Also, as soon as the sun went down and light wasn’t optimal the camera-phone was virtually useless unless I wanted to get really artsy.

The saying, “the best camera is the camera you have” is kind of true.  However, the better camera is still the dSLR.  Under perfect conditions, sure, a camera phone can get great shots if you don’t care about depth-of-field (non-existent on the tiny sensor inside a phone) and split-second accuracy.  My dSLR will always be my first choice though.


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  1. Mark A. Weiss Avatar
    Mark A. Weiss

    Josh, many of these photos are much better than those taken by people using consumer grade equipment. Never sell short the expertise of the photographer using sub optimal equipment!