Commercial: Thos Baker

Back in February I did a shoot for the company Thos Baker, which sells the Starbay line of furniture.  They needed some detail shots of various items of theirs.  They wanted me to highlight the small things that make the Starbay line unique, so with the direction of one of their reps I went through a portion of their lineup at one of their showrooms in Atlanta.  The trick with this shoot was that the furniture was highly reflective of light, so if you didn’t positions the lights just correctly you’d get nasty highlights that would engulf entire planes of the furniture.  I resolved this by pulling the lights to more extreme angles to skim the surface instead of hitting it head-on.


110214_JDW_Furniture_0193 110214_JDW_Furniture_0028



110214_JDW_Furniture_0101 110214_JDW_Furniture_0082