Lacrosse: Decatur High School Senior Night

Fellow Atlanta photojournalist Erik Lesser asked me if I could shoot his brother-in-law’s high school lacrosse team’s senior night.  They needed photos of each player and a group photo at the end.  For the shoot I just approached it like I was shooting stock photography of each player. Mainly tried to get isolation shots of each player since there was only a handful I needed, but got a few action ones as well to add a little variety.

110429_JDW_DecaturLacrosse_0030 110429_JDW_DecaturLacrosse_0498

110429_JDW_DecaturLacrosse_0273 110429_JDW_DecaturLacrosse_0267

110429_JDW_DecaturLacrosse_0223 110429_JDW_DecaturLacrosse_0140

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