Midtown Skyline over Piedmont Park (Film)

Starting in about 3 weeks I’ll be heading off to be the staff photographer at Camp Coleman in North Georgia.  Because of that commitment, I’ll be switching the blog over to a 1 picture per day type format while I’m there.  I’m going to start shifting over in that direction starting today though.  There may be a few exceptions between now and when I leave, but for the most part don’t expect more than a shot-a-day.

This photo I took last weekend while I was showing my friend Taylor around Atlanta.  We stopped off at Piedmont Park and grabbed this shot of the “Active Oval” with the skyline in the background with my Hasselblad 500 c/m using Portra 160 Neutral Color film.



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  1. Ravish Rane Avatar
    Ravish Rane

    I have been there recently. Piedmont Park is very beautiful park. This photo is really eye catching.