Sports: Rope Burn

One of the more unique things I witnessed during my time at Camp Coleman this summer was the “Rope Burn” event held during their color wars.  The people who sign up to participate spend the day collecting and cutting wood, then at night everyone at camp gathers onto the lower athletic fields and watches as the teams race to build a large fire that needs to burn through two progressively hire ropes.  The lights on the field start off on, but once the fires are both going, they get shut off so the campers can watch the teams work by light of the fire.  There’s also a person staged between the fires with a hose to cool off the participants if things get too hot for them.

It’s intense, it’s hot and it’s fairly bizarre to think that a small Jewish camp in north Georgia would do something that crazy. Here are some of my photos from the event from both sessions.

Sol Neelman, of Weird Sports fame, eat your heart out.