Football: Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

Last night I shot Georgia Tech’s win over the top 10 ranked Clemson.  Most people had written off Tech after they lost consecutive games to Virginia and Miami.  I’ve shot Tech enough over the past few years though to know they seem to do their best in games they have no business winning, see VT two years ago. I said before the game to some other photographers, Tech would win and the students would rush the field.  Low and behold, that’s what happened.

Tech’s defense held Clemson pretty well, to the point it was hard to believe that Clemson was ranked so highly.  Anyway, Tech won, the fans rushed the field and immediately reminded me why I hate shooting when people rush the field.  Can’t count how many times people ran into me while I was shooting, or hit my lens which was over my shoulder and knocked it into my head.  It sucks, people need to be more careful.  At least I did see someone fall face first onto the field while trying to jump the rail from the student section.