Wedding: Elizabeth and Doug

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of Doug Uno and Elizabeth Hernandez at Ray’s On the River.  I did their engagement photos in late September (here), so I knew in advance how easy and pleasurable it would be to work with them again. The ceremony was small and was held next to the river, behind the restaurant and was followed by a dinner.  A simple, but elegant wedding for two people who make a great couple.  I wish them nothing but the best in their new life together.


6 responses to “Wedding: Elizabeth and Doug”

  1. Elizabeth Avatar

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely love them!!!!! Thank you so much for posting these so quickly and for being part of our special day! You were an absolute joy to work with and you captured the essence of our day :)


  2. Richard Russell Avatar
    Richard Russell

    Wow, these came out absolutely amazing and I know it’s just a small portion of the number of pictures you took. As Elizabeth said, thank you so much for the memories you have captured for the wonderful couple!!!

  3. Evelyn Rickie Avatar
    Evelyn Rickie

    Congratulations! the pictures are amazing! you did a spectacular job in capturing these wonderful moments of happiness in the lives of Lizzie and Doug and the Families! Cannot wait To see all the rest of the pictures that I know you Took! you are an amazing photographer and I know that I would love to use you one day! looking forward to the rest of the pictures to see! Thank you! :)

  4. Jeannie A. Hernandez Avatar
    Jeannie A. Hernandez

    What great pictures of my daughters wedding. You truly outdid yourself. You captured each moment as it should be. Can’t wait for the rest of them. I will always treasure these photos. Every time I look at them I will relive this special occasion like it was the first time. Congrats on great photos.

  5. Waldemar V. Rodriguez Avatar
    Waldemar V. Rodriguez

    Beautifull pictures. A beautifull wedding in the clasiest of settings.
    My God bless you forever.
    I know that Ray in heaven is having a great time.

  6. Nick Platner Avatar
    Nick Platner

    Absolutely no photos of the Groom’s mother or family? are there any more photos???