5D mark III test

Earlier this month when Canon announced the new 5D, I knew it was the camera I’d been waiting for.  Since 2007 I’ve used a mix of the 1D and the 5D lines.  The problem was that each line had had certain features that the other lacked preventing me from being able to use one body to shoot everything I shoot.  The high fps and superior autofocus of the 1D line was great for sports, but overkill for just about everything else.  The 5D’s full frame sensor better suited my shooting style, but was too slow for any type of fast action shooting.  Well, Canon finally figured it out with the new 5D. It takes the new 1DX’s AF and ups the fps to 6 from 3.9.  It’s not a speed demon, but it’s good enough.  So far I’ve been happy with the results and I can’t wait to play with the high ISO capabilities more.