Gaze into the French Kiss

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, Spring Break started for me this past Thursday so I’ve been enjoying my time to sit back and relax. Anyways, when I saw this photo I figured I had to comment.

The effect seen above is caused from zooming in while the shutter is open and thus creates the streaks with a fairly untouched middle. Despite the interesting use of the effect, I don’t think it works very well here. Yes, it does draw attention to the focus of the picture, the two people kissing, but at the same time it pulls you away from it.

It keeps surprising me about how many pictures run that aren’t cropped well. The way this photo was taken, a crop would make it look really awkward so I guess that could slide, but if it were a normal picture, the crop needs to be done to focus down onto those two. You’d be able to get rid of most of the sky, which is way overexposed way too much.

Also, I think there could be some potential legal problems with the cutline. It suggests that women in France are trying homosexuality in increasing numbers, but the female is kissing a man. I’m not sure if anything could be done, but I know that if I were portrayed in a false light I’d seek out restitution.

French Kiss
Dominique Faget – AFP Young couple kissing in France. Teenage girls in France are having sex as early as boys and more of them are experimenting with homosexuality, according to a new report on sexual behaviour.


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    Lol Nice Photo Script Makes iT looks Nicer … And Abt The Lil Girls The Commanders Got The Responsability oF Them … Dont Blame The Youth xD