Back to the Future (2001)

The other day I did a mass reorganization of all the photos I’ve ever taken that I had on my computer digital or scans of 35 mm. After I was finished, I rediscovered a lot of photos I had taken from the very beginning so I think every once-in-awhile I will post one here. In the Fall of 2001 my brother started attending The University of Georgia, and it was right around this time that I had started experimenting with photography. My family came up to visit him for a family weekend, I think, and I went walking around downtown by myself for a bit.

At the time I didn’t realize this scene was a fairly common occurrence. At this point I don’t think I really even knew how to work the camera even though the Canon A1 I shot it with was completely manual. I knew it all had to do with light so I pretty much guessed the exposure since I didn’t know how to use the light meter built into the camera.

Anyways, this was the first photo I ever had published. It was printed in Centennial High School’s literary magazine “Avalon.”