Allen’s Bar & Grill (Athens, Ga.)

Allen’s was an old classic staple that closed just prior to my matriculation to the University.  A former customer and student of the University during the 80’s decided he wanted to reopen the restaurant so he found one of the old chefs, located a bunch of the old decorations, and had someone recreate the former location’s front so he could make an Allen’s of his own.


One response to “Allen’s Bar & Grill (Athens, Ga.)”

  1. Skitch Avatar

    I give them an awful lot of credit for trying, but I think when someone comes along and opens a burger joint where the original Allen’s stood, the new Allen’s is going to have a rough time competing.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I do believe the intersection of Hawthorne and Oglethorpe can be revitalized to better serve the neighborhood. I just don’t believe that “the Allen’s franchise” is that valuable.