Jittery Joe Fights Inflation

At the risk of editorializing, I think people will finally start feeling the effects of inflation that higher gas prices cause.  A local popular coffee chain is having to raise their prices citing rising gas prices and the increased price of milk.  People love their coffee, but they also love money.

In terms of the photo, there were a few variables I had to work with.  First, there are three obvious focus points: either person or the sign that says “Price Increases” that’s on the register.  I tried all three, but I think for the composition of this photo it probably would have been better if we had used the one where she was completely in focus instead of the sign.

It shouldn’t make too much of a difference however, as i shot at f/4.0 so it keeps the detail longer as you move away from the sign so its not as noticeable that she isn’t completely in focus.


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