Lightning Fast Action

The conversation between myself and my contact at the AP that occurred earlier this week:

Mr B.: Hey Josh, can you shoot the Thrashers game on Saturday?

Me: Yes, one thing though.

Mr. B.: Whats that?

Me: Does it matter that I’ve never shot hockey before?

Mr. B.: No, not really.

And then there I was, shooting an NHL game as my first experience with hockey. I’d try to give some evaluation of how I did, but I have no basis of comparison nor have I been able to look at hockey photos from other people because I’ve been so busy over the past few days.

Let me know what you think.


4 responses to “Lightning Fast Action”

  1. Sara Guevara Avatar

    don’t forget your AP style….it’s Atlanta, Ga., not Atlanta, Ga. (note the comma after the period)

  2. Amanda Brant Avatar
    Amanda Brant

    The photos looks awesome to me. :) I just have to say I am extremely jealous that you got to do that.

  3. Pouya Dianat Avatar

    Actually, AP style for Atlanta is…Atlanta. It’s one of the major cities that does not require a state abbreviation following it.

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