Staycation’s all I ever wanted

Earlier in the week I was approached about doing an illustration about “staycations.”  For those that remember, John Stewart made fun of the media’s use of this term over the past few weeks fairly recently.

Anyways, they’d already purchased all the props they wanted to use, but it was up to me to figure out where I wanted to shoot the photo and how I wanted to arrange everything.  I was also told they wanted it vertical with space to add text in.  Thus, the following was made.

I shot it in Camera Raw to give me more leeway with adjusting the saturation and the exposure related items.


2 responses to “Staycation’s all I ever wanted”

  1. woodstock Avatar

    What they heck is a staycation?

    Oh, the picture looks good btw. I could easily see that in an advertisement for White Water.

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    people don’t go anywhere on vacation and instead spend their money locally cause the economy isn’t so hot at the moment.