Ray Bryan against his own party

From what I can tell, this guy named Ray Bryan ran in the primaries for a circuit judge position and won.  Afterwords the Republican Party of Alabama claimed he hadn’t qualified because he missed a filing deadline.  No reason has been given for why he missed the deadline, or for why the party put him on the ballot if he hadn’t filed in time, but Bryan held a press conference today to announce he wouldn’t file a lawsuit against the party.


3 responses to “Ray Bryan against his own party”

  1. woodstock Avatar

    is the GOP going to file a lawsuit against him?

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    No, but they are voiding the results of his election essentially stripping him of his office.

  3. Ray Bryan Avatar
    Ray Bryan

    I came across your blog and would like to correct what you have written regarding these photographs. The night before the news conference the Governor and the Chairman of the Republican Party had spoken with me. After receiving assurances the Party would honestly review its decision and obtain a second legal opinion on the facts of my case, I made the decision to delay filing suit to give the Party a chance to correct their mistake. The day after the news conference Governor Riley issued a news release that he had reviewed my case and was of the opinion I met all legal qualifications to be certified as the winner of the Republican primary for circuit judge. The Party never obtained a second opinion to my knowledge and never changed their position. I presently have a law suit pending against the Party for their illegal conduct in nullifying the votes of over 3000 voters in Calhoun and Cleburne county. I am hopeful our suit will be successful and the choice of our voters for circuit judge will be upheld.
    Ray Bryan