The marching band

I went and shot this big “Drum and Bugle Corps” (aka marching band) competition Sunday night.  The big question for me was how was I going to shoot it?  I’d never done anything like this before so I figured I’d try some safe shots of individuals playing, then spend some time doing more experimental shots line panning on one guy as the other people were moving in the other direction.


9 responses to “The marching band”

  1. Mike Comer Avatar
    Mike Comer

    Great shots, Josh!

  2. Patty Muller Avatar
    Patty Muller

    Love those pictures! Great job!

  3. Willard Johnson Avatar
    Willard Johnson

    BTW – that contra player is Joe Murphy, MCL’s Program Coordinator and arranger.

  4. Irene Fox Avatar
    Irene Fox

    How I wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing these events.

  5. natalie Avatar

    i am loving these shots. especially the panning shot.

  6. dave henry Avatar
    dave henry

    love the shot of CV in the sunglasses. way cool

  7. Jerome J. Weiss Avatar
    Jerome J. Weiss

    Really enjoyed viewing those shots! Made me feel that I was there.

    Good work!


  8. Tim White Avatar

    Great shot of Murphy and Tyler. It is always neat to get a perspective from someone who is not familiar with something. They always seems to give you a view that you would normally not see.
    Great job!!!

  9. Yo Avatar

    Great shots!

    FYI: drum corps is NOT marching band