The World/Inferno Friendship Society

Late last night I found out about one of my favorite bands playing a concert in Atlanta less than 24 hours from when I read about it at The Masquerade on North Avenue.  Needless to say, I made sure to be there and I brought my camera.

For background The World/Inferno Friendship Society, which describes itself as a “punk rock orchestra,” is a multi-piece band featuring a guitar, bass, 2 saxophones, keyboardist, drummer, and singer. I believe they also bring in other instruments as needed, but those were done on a synth during the show.

Anyways, I shot the show using my Canon gear since its better equipped for low light.  I used my 85mm 1.8 so I wouldn’t need to lug my considerably larger and heavier 70-200mm and I also brought my wide angle and strobe.

I originally had planned on using my strobe to help light everything like I’ve done in the past, but the photos I liked the most from the shoot were actually the ones were I relied on the stage lights alone.  I balanced for tungsten and I think this look compliments the style of music better anyway.

I shot the entire show using camera raw and generated nearly 7 gigabytes of data alone in that one hour period when the band performed.


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  1. Daniel Shirey Avatar

    Nice photos. Looks like it was fun.

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