Its a rivalry again!

I got to shoot the annual rivalry game between Georgia and Georgia Tech today.  It was rainy, it was windy and it was cold, but I think I got some good photos regardless.

The term rivalry had mainly been used in a historic sense for the past few years.  Georgia went on a 7-0 stretch so Tech was pretty excited to finally get a win.  However, the game was pretty close with a final score of 45-42.  Not exactly a dominating performance by Tech since neither team had any form of defense to speak of.

I suppose we should wait until next year before any conclusion is made as to whether Tech is back for good or it was a fluke.  I say that in all respect given Georgia’s similar history with UF, its nice to win one game, but if you go on to lose another 7 straight, it doesn’t really mean all that much in the long run.


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  1. Daniel Shirey Avatar
    Daniel Shirey

    Nice stuff. I need to shoot tighter and think about/look for more opportunities for photos besides just football at a football game. The first shot is just plain awesome.