Ain’t no Talladega Nights

I’ve never really watched Nascar, but for some reason I decided to come shoot it this weekend for the paper I interned at over the summer (The Anniston Star).

Today was my first day of shooting, shooting the big race tomorrow as well, buht I think I did alright.  I’ve shot one other race before and that was the Petit Le Mans back in fall of 2007.

I was assigned the finish line area of the course which included the first turn of the track.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there weren’t any accidents on my part of the course (they all happened on the back half).  Anyways, photos from today weren’t terribly exciting but they work.


2 responses to “Ain’t no Talladega Nights”

  1. nat Avatar

    in the 13 years i’ve lived here, ive never been to the races.

  2. nat Avatar

    my favorite one is definitely the guy flipping the other guy off. that is what i expect to seeif i ever go. naked drunk people not making any sense…