Enjoy the silence

I was reading some Atlanta blogs the other day and they mentioned this memorial bike ride called “Ride of Silence” that was near Piedmont Park.  The ride was to honor the memories of fallen cyclists who had been killed or injured while riding over the past year.

Not really sure about how many people would show up, I headed down to the park to take photos.  I wasn’t going to attempt to follow them for the 3.3 miles of the course they were taking so I got some stuff from before they started, their first stretch and as they finished since it ended where it started.


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  2. Robin Avatar

    Is it just me, or does it seem ironic that several of the cyclists participating in this ride (including the organizer) were not wearing helmets?

  3. Maigh Avatar

    @Robin – not so much ironic since the ride wasn’t about helmet awareness or city cycling safety.

    The photos are a perfect depiction and capture of the amazing collection of different types of riders: from the commuters to the fixed gears to the folks in kits.

    And no, not everyone who rides wears a helmet: it’s a choice. It’s also a risk, I’ll give you that, but not one that’s taken absent mindedly.

  4. Jason Avatar

    @Robin … Like Maigh said, the RoS is a an event of remembrance; it is not in any way an event of bicycle safety advocacy. But just to drive the point home, Larry Schwartz, the victim and catalyst of the RoS actually was wearing a helmet when he was killed. To turn away cyclists who don’t choose to wear helmets would be pretty silly. Shouldn’t they be allowed to honor their friends/family/etc. who have been injured or killed in cycling accidents too?

  5. Justin Avatar

    I promote Bicycles :)

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