Quick trip to Athens

Yesterday my schedule opened up enough that I was able to make a quick trip up to Athens to visit some people and see the first meeting of the semester for Demosthenian.

For the most part, I’m happy to have graduated and be removed from most of the happenings of the society but I felt like I should go back this time since virtually all the members who are now seniors either joined or began coming to Demosthenian while I was president back during the fall of 2006.

It was nice to see everyone and I didn’t stay at the meeting too long, but it was a nice evening.


3 responses to “Quick trip to Athens”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    Can’t say how happy I am to see the Hall that full. Love the pic of the Sgt. at Arms – it really captures the scene. Nicely done as always, Josh.

  2. Sam Avatar

    Those photos are lovely!

  3. Jack Avatar

    Great pictures! They bring back some major nostalgia for Demo and Athens. I always enjoy your photos, Josh. Keep up the good work.