Medieval Times, Duluth

My friend Jonathan, who is a photographer for the paper I used to work out, had his birthday yesterday but didn’t celebrate it until today.  A bunch of us went to Medieval Times at Discover Mills because Jonathan’s girlfriend Destiny had buy-one-get-one free coupons, effectively turning a $50 ticket into something much more reasonable.

It was an interesting environment and the food was plentiful: tomato soup, garlic bread, half a roasted chicken, spare rib, a pastry for dessert and a soda.

I shot the entire show from my seat, trying to vary my lenses to make what I could out of a rather limiting shooting situation.


7 responses to “Medieval Times, Duluth”

  1. Katrina Avatar

    lol awesome. you had the same knight we did :)

  2. Daniel Avatar

    I want to quit photography and become a midieval times knight… That looks fun.

  3. Destiny Avatar

    Absolutely Awesome! Great Shots! Thanks for taking the photo’s Jonathan was thankful for the night off!

  4. Carmen Carter Avatar
    Carmen Carter

    Wow…spectacular photos! Good food, captivating show and discounted admission? What a perfect “knight” out!! =)

  5. Jamile Dickson Avatar

    Hey Josh, these are AWESOME photos. SO CLEAR! We might be interesting in using you guys for our wedding. Please email me back. I have a few questions for you. Thanks!

  6. Luanne Avatar

    I know Lilly;)

  7. Teresa and Jerry Kelley Avatar
    Teresa and Jerry Kelley