Vegan Pancakes

For the past few days I’d been craving pancakes so I decided to go ahead and make them.  However, since Brett is Vegan and I don’t want to exclude him I’ve been adapting my recipes so that he can participate in the eating.

Last night I made vegan chili, which came out awesome btw, and today was the pancakes.  They came out really good as well.  The rice milk had a taste I wasn’t used to, but the syrup hid it pretty well and the texture was dead on which is really half the battle.

Each pancake was 1 tbsp worth of batter so as you can see, they were pretty small (and the pictures were taken on my small plates, the wide angle just makes them look much bigger).  I enjoyed my mini-stack though.

Also, thanks go to Lyndsey for holding my light for me for the first picture.