Football: South Gwinnett @ Grayson

Friday I was dispatched by the AJC to Loganville to shoot the South Gwinnett vs. Grayson game, and yes… Grayson High School is actually in Loganville.  The game was a pretty close one, both teams came in 3-0 and the fans of both teams were doing a “White Out.”

I’m still not sure what the point is, because Tech did one too against Clemson.  The trend, at least in the south, seemed to have started when UGA did the Black Out against Auburn in 2007 (a game I shot for the R&B: herehere and here).   The whole idea there was that, since it was a night game, the crowd would disappear into the darkness and it would just be really loud.

Anyways, it was a close game that came down to the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, but Grayson was able to walk away with the win.

Also, Ean Pemberton plays for Grayson.  He’s a 5’4 running back who looks horribly out of place in the huddle, but he’s a beast.  He ran for 177 yards on 37 carries last night.  Smart kid too.  Here is a video I made of him last year when I was still at the Post.


2 responses to “Football: South Gwinnett @ Grayson”

  1. Ted Avatar


    Fantastic photos, I would like to know what equipment you were using and settings. Looks like you had great light at the stadium.

    1. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

      I was shooting with a 1DmIII and a 400 f/2.8 at 1/500 of a sec. The light wasn’t any better than any other high school stadium I’ve shot at, but the mIII can do really clean 3200 iso files so I just shoot at that.

      The Nikon D3 does even better at low light though, I gotta hand it to Nikon for this round. Their high ISO is really really clean.