Portrait: Jennifer Waldman

Friday evening I did some headshots and other assorted portraits for singer/actress Jennifer Waldman.  We did some studio type shots inside, but then moved out to my balcony.  I’m pretty happy with how the shoot turned out.

I decided to keep the light simple so I used one of my White Lightnings along with the largest softbox I had.  Nice soft, directional light.

100423_JDW_Jennifer_0022 100423_JDW_Jennifer_0026


100423_JDW_Jennifer_0001 100423_JDW_Jennifer_0004

100423_JDW_Jennifer_0007 100423_JDW_Jennifer_0008

100423_JDW_Jennifer_0009 100423_JDW_Jennifer_0012


100423_JDW_Jennifer_0016 100423_JDW_Jennifer_0018