Eddie Adams Workshop: Saturday

Saturday was an interesting day for several reasons, some of which I won’t go into here, but it was really the day the workshop took off at full speed.  After an early morning rise and breakfast at the hotel, I hopped into Lung Liui’s car with some other people and head straight to the barn.  After some presentations, an unexpected break and then lunch, Pink Team producer Mike Stewart took me to meet Mike Sulyman at his deli in Monticello.  For the next 5 hours or so I shot Mike (photos here), before heading back to the barn for some more speakers.  Upon arriving back at the hotel we had portfolio reviews.  I can’t remember who all looked at mine, but Jimmy Colton of Sports Illustrated and Michele McNally of the New York Times stick out in my mind.

Saturday October 9th

7:00 Breakfast at the hotel
7:30 Leave Hotel for Farm
8:30 Olympics by Jimmy Colton & Steve Fine
9:00 Stacy Pearsall
10:00 John Moore
10:30 Break
11:00 Howard Schatz
11:30 Mary Calvert
12:00 Michael Williamson
12:30 Lunch at the Farm
1:00 Depart for shoot – Dinner in the field
7:45 Turn Cards in at the Farm
7:55 World Press
8:00 Michael Hausman
8:30 David Link & Chris Hercick
9:00 Hans Neleman
9:30 First Review/Edit of Images
10:15 Leave for Hotel
10:45 -11:30 Club
1:30 Lights out