Eddie Adams Workshop: Mike Sulyman and his deli

Yesterday I showed the first set of images from my two days of documenting Mike Sulyman.  Today’s are very much family friendly, unlike those.  These were actually from the first day I met Mike.  We just hung out around his store and I took photos of him tending to his shop and customers, cooking and generally hang out when no one was around.  I shot really heavy because I wasn’t sure what story might emerge and wanted to have options once I figured out where it might be going.  As it turned out, we didn’t use any of the ones from Saturday in my final edit that was presented to the workshop since the content of the slaughter was so strong.


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  1. […] took me to meet Mike Sulyman at his deli in Monticello.  For the next 5 hours or so I shot Mike (photos here), before heading back to the barn for some more speakers.  Upon arriving back at the hotel we had […]