Fisheye Athens

I went to Athens on Friday for my friend Bill’s birthday, and spent part of the day on Saturday before returning home taking some photos.  I wanted to try a different look so I exclusively used my fisheye lens on some places I’ve shot to death to see if I could get some different results.  Its always fun trying to figure out new ways to show things you’ve shot millions of times.


2 responses to “Fisheye Athens”

  1. Mark A. Weiss Avatar
    Mark A. Weiss

    Josh, the fisheye lens give the appearance that the The Grill is on the corner. I didn’t think it was and went to a map on Bing to confirm.

    Even the lines in the concrete contribute to the impression that the restaurant occupies the street corner.

    Great photo!

  2. Daniel C Berlin Avatar

    Great stuff man. I like the Grill especially as a different view of a familiar building.

    The sundial makes a great stock photo.