Basketball: Malcolm Brogdon

Last week I took some photos of Greater Atlanta Christian basketball player Malcolm Brogdon who is heading for the University of Virginia when he graduates in a few months.  I shot the photos for the Charlottesville Daily Progress, the hometown paper for UVA after I’d initially contacted them about shooting the UVA-GT game which was last week.  While they didn’t need photos of the game, they asked if I’d be interested in shooting these.

Malcolm was a really nice kid who was really cooperative with my requests.  The hard part about the shoot was how terrible the lighting was in GAC’s gym.  I’d only shot in their old gym once, back when I still worked for the paper in Gwinnett, but they’d since built a new basketball arena.  I was hopeful it would be better, but unfortunately it was only marginally better.  I guess anyway you shape it, a high school gym is a high school gym no matter how nice it may be.