News: Protesting HB-87

This isn’t the post I was expecting to make today given how last night I was asked to shoot my first assignment for Getty Images as a freelancer.  The photos I was expecting to show would have been of Newt Gingrich during a press conference.  However, his scheduled press conference at 2:30 pm ended up happening at 1:52 pm, lasted only 8 minutes and ended up being missed by several large news gathering agencies as a result.  At least I didn’t feel bad when the New York Times and Reuters photographers were in the same boat as me.  Cause you know, we assume when you say a press conference will be at 2:30, you mean it’ll be at 2:30.

Anyway, outside of the State Capitol today was a protest against House Bill 87, which would basically Arizona-ize Georgia’s immigration laws.  Since I was already there, I decided to shoot some photos for myself.